Tonight is a total eclipse of the moon! I love it. I'm a geek in that way. I love watching the night sky. I get very excited over happenings in the night sky. In the list top 10 of most awesome experiences in my life is an incident involving a meteor. One night while taking a walk on a November evening, I heard a whistling noise behind me. I turned just in time to see a meteor streak across the sky. The whistling stopped at the exact moment that the meteor disappeared. I heard a meteor!!! It was so cool!

Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about astronomy. One of these days I will get myself a telescope. I've tried learning the names of various stars and constellations, but I can't seem to make them stick in my brain. But that doesn't matter. Knowing the names doesn't affect my appreciation for the beauty. I might have mentioned it in an earlier post, but sitting out on our deck during the summer and watching the stars is a summer ritual for us. It is just too bad the light polution is so bad around here.

15 minutes into the eclipse and the moon is looking like a cookie with a bite taken out. I think I'll dig out Ed's binoculars, bundle up, and head outside for a closer look. This is too cool to watch from inside, even though is is about 15 deg F.

I know. I'm nuts. The family thinks so too.