Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Need for Overtime Here


No time to chat.  The overtime period of the USA vs Canada hockeye game is about to start.  Go USA!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Approaching the Finish Line

I'm getting very close to the finish.  I have 4 more digits to knit, but I'm sure I'll make it.  I'll get a little time in this afternoon and then a good chunk of time during the gold medal hockeye game:  US vs Canada.  Here's where it stands.

Back to the knitting.  Next post will be the finished gloves.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trailing the Pack

I'm a little behind schedule for the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics, but not by much.  Today is going to be a busy day (so why am I wasting time on the computer?) but I hope to finish the first glove tonight while watching the Winter Olympics.

Here's the progress so far:

I am absolutely in love with this project.  It is going to be very difficult to let Blake have them and not keep them for myself.  Doesn't the glove fit perfectly on  me?

Since this is turning out to be such a quick project, I will definitely be making more.  Maybe I'll make myself a pair in the teal that Blake didn't want.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knitting Olympics

Got off to a rocky start. I wanted to make Blake's gloves match his scarf by using both teal and brown yarn.  I cast on Friday, but after going a while, I realized the gloves were going to be way too big for Blake.  I was using two strands of yarn and #3 US needles.  I gave up on Friday night and went to bed.

Saturday morning I cast on  again using only a single strand and #2 needles.  Blake said given the choice of colors, he wanted brown gloves.  So now I'm back at it.

Here's the progress so far.  I'm just starting the increases for the thumb.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Day to the Big Event

I'm participating in both the Ravelympics on TeamPisces in the Mitten Moguls and in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics.  I'll be making a pair of gloves for Blake.  I've never made gloves before.  Three weekends hopefully will be enough time to get them done. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Never as planned

When I heard the prediction that we were going to get a big snowstorm Friday into Saturday, I thought 'Wonderful! I'll sit around on my butt Friday night and all day Saturday and knit.'  After coming home from work yesterday, I decided to shovel the driveway.  I ended up being so tire from the exersion I couldn't knit a stitch.  Saturday didn't turn out much better.  Two previous appointments interfered with the sitting around part:  a painter who came and painted our foyer and a long overdue haircut for me.  I also shoveled the driveway again, folded 4 baskets of laundry, cleaned the half-bath, polished the hardwood floor in the foyer after the painter left, vacuumed the stairs and upstairs hall, and polished the banisters and baseboards along the steps.  I'm tired!!   I've suggested that we go out to dinner tonight.  I seriously doubt there will be any knitting when we come back.

Here's a few photos from  the front and back doors this morning around 7:30 am.  Final snowfall total was about 15 inches.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

A 3-5 inch snowfall prediction turned into a 5-8 inch prediction this morning.  After the snow started falling a couple hours earlier than expected, and heavier than expected, the prediction was changed to 8-12 inches total accumulation by tomorrow midday.  We currently have about 6 inches of wet, heavy snow.  And it is still coming down hard.  I bet we exceed the 12 inches.

Here's what it looked like around 5:00 pm after I got home from work.  

If you click the photo below and look at the front porch, you'll see the accumulation at that point.

I'll take more photos tomorrow for comparison.

After taking these pictures, I shoveled the driveway.  Since Kristin is driving now and we have a car for her to use, I had to shovel practically the entire pad.  My arms are aching now!  A nice glass of wine later should help.

Kristin is bummed that her school's Winter Formal is cancelled for tomorrow evening. 

I finished Blake's scarf just in time.  Here he is striking a pose.  I'll have to add a photo with his hat.  Next project is his gloves.

Time to sign off now and figure out dinner.  See you tomorrow!