Ready for the Meeting with Parker

I finished the blanket on Sunday and promptly gave it a gentle wash and dry. It turned out wonderfully, if I say so myself. I took pictures, which I will post tonight or tomorrow. In two days the blanket will be given to the little guy. My niece and her husband are taking the baby to my parents' house to have Parker meet his great-grandparents. Most of my siblings will be stopping over to say 'Hello' also. We are all very excited!!!

Now it is on to the next project. I'm working on the February Ladies Sweater, using some old yarn I've had from a previously frogged project. It is Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the Black Glitter colorway. I bought this yarn as part of a kit from Lion Brand to make a cardigan. The model in the LB catalogue showed it made in a plain brown Wool-Ease and took x skeins for my size. I liked the Black Glitter and ordered the pattern and x skeins. Since I'm a slow knitter, it took a while for me to realize that the Glitter skeins had less yardage than the plain Wool-Ease skeins (the customer rep who sold me the 'kit' failed to mention/notice also) and I wasn't going to have have enough to finish. So the project got abandoned and put into a basket, where it has sat for probably 6 years. When I decided to make the FLS, I wanted to use something out of the stash and so I grabbed this. I'm about 4 inches into the yoke. Photos of this will come also.