A Day Off

I decided to take a day off work. Since the end of January my work schedule has been crazy with training and meetings. The craziness has kept me from blogging. Here's an update of my slow progress.

Long ago I started a pattern for a throw made out of Lion's Brand yarn. It got shoved into a drawer and forgotten. Over the winter I pulled it out and finished it. The kids love it now. It was an easy knit3, purl 3 pattern on size 13 needles. A nice project for in front of the television during the winter.

My February Ladies Sweater is slowing coming along. I stopped on one sleeve to start the other. Once I get the second sleeve to be the same length as the first, I'll evaluate how much yarn I have left and how long I want the sleeves to be. As you can see, I already put on the buttons. Once I cast off and weave in a few last ends, this puppy will be done!

Sorry this isn't the greatest picture. Black, especially black with metalic thread intermingled, doesn't photograph well.

I needed some instant gratification last week. I was feeling a bit blue about something that has been on my mind for a while so I decided to stop at one of a LYS on the way home from work last Friday. I found a sample of Fetching sitting right next to a basket of Lorna's Laces Angel. It was love at first sight!!! When I got home I cast on and by Monday evening I had the yummiest pair of mitts.

Yesterday was my birthday and I received a very lovely gift from my sister Patty. This is some yarn that she dyed and spun. It is about 55 yards of sport weight wool. I'm not sure what to make with it yet. Right now I'm just carrying it around with me like a kid with a teddy bear.

I have my next potential project in mind. It will be another stash-buster. I promise I won't cast one until the FLS is complete!