I got my burgundy shawl finished last weekend. Click here to see photos of the finished work. I very happy with the final results. It is 21 inches long by 59 inches wide. Now I need an occasion to wear it. Hmmm, anniversary coming up next week. Maybe, maybe.

A LYS near my work is going out of business. I stopped by after work and picked up a new book and 6 skeins of Lorna Lace's Angel. I'm going to make the girls each a pair of fingerless mitts. I'll use Fetching again from knitty. I made myself http://www.ravelry.com/projects/katschem/fetchinglast March as a birthday present to myself. They are soft and warm.

Kristin is moving up to play varsity this week. Four varsity players aren't playing at the moment, each for their own reason, so they need a passer. Kristin has been dressing and sitting the bench. She went in for 3 plays yesterday, but will see more play time during the 3 matches this week. She doesn't want to play varsity because she thinks she isn't good enough. I know she is if she can get past her nerves.

Trisha is enjoying her cross country. She isn't the fastest girl on her team, but she is improving with each meet. If she trains more year-round she'll be a strong runner in high school.

Blake is excited about joining a couple clubs at school. He is joining the Magic & Illusion club and the Technology club. The Tech club learns how to make movies and videos. I have a feeling I'm going to be asked for permission to post some stuff on YouTube.