Mystery Solved

Before I get to the mystery, I want to share a picture of the evening sky from last Sunday. A small thunderstorm rolled over the north side of town just around sunset.  These pictures don't show it very well, but the sky was various shades of baby blue and pink.  This particular cell also had lightening which I wasn't able to catch on film.

I love watching the sky. I inherited this trait from my Dad. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the two of us looking up, whether it was clouds or stars. Every time I look up now, I think of him and I wonder what the clouds and stars look like to him from Heaven.

Now, here's the solution to the mystery.  I finished the 5th clue of the Through The Loops Mystery Shawl.  Since Kristin is now off at college, I used her bedroom floor to block it.  I didn't measure it's wingspan, but it is quite large. 

Here a close-up of the edge.  I love the flared detail.  I didn't bind off as loosely as I should though.  I tried.  I used a stretchy bind-off method and a needle 2 sizes larger.  As you can see below, the outer few rows got pulled rather tight when I blocked it..  Oh well,  I rather like the shading effect it give to edge.

Here is a close up of the center section.  As my son pointed out, the ribs are a little crooked.  ("Thank you, dear, for noticing and pointing it out.  Now go take your shower and get to bed.")

He did legitimately need to shower and get to bed because school began the next day.  Here he is heading off to his first day of high school.  It took some coaxing to get Blake to smile with his mouth open.  In 2 weeks after the braces come off, I'm sure I won't have to remind him.

Trisha was all set for her first day as a junior.  She made her scarf from an idea she got off of Pinterest.

Here's to a productive school year for all!!