Party Time

It has been a few weeks.  It has been a busy time.  Graduation is quickly approaching for my middle child.

Two weekends ago I had a horrendous head cold.  Through the week I could feel something coming on.  That Friday night Ed and I went out to dinner.  Toward the end of our meal I started feeling worse.  As soon as we got home I went straight to bed.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a truck hit me.  I spent the rest of the weekend curled up under a blanket, drinking gallons of water and using up all the tissues in the house.  Losing an entire weekend wasn't in the plan.  Instead of resting, I really should have been preparing for the following weekend.

That is because we had Trisha's graduation party last weekend.  A lot of people came to wish her well.  The only down side was the weather.  It rained all day which prevented people from going out on the deck.  Her actual graduation isn't for a few more weeks, but she wanted to have her party early.  I originally didn't like the idea, but now that it is behind us, I'm glad to have it done.  We are free now to enjoy the other parties we are invited to.

The next day was Mother's Day.  It was very low key.  The girls had to work.  Ed and I went to a garden store.  I picked out a hydrangea which we planted near the deck.  I spent the rest of the day knitting and spinning.  We were going to throw some meat and asparagus on the grill for dinner, but another thunderstorm altered that plan.  We ended up cooking our meal on an indoor grill.

During all this I have been dealing with tendinitis in my Achilles tendon.  My left foot was in a boot for 10 days.  Fortunately the boot came off before the party.  I am now going to physical therapy three times a week.  I also have home exercises to do.  The PT said my ankle issues are a result of  weak abductor muscles in my hips.  He has prescribed a lot of leg exercises to strengthen my hips and legs.  The extra workouts have taken its toll on me. It is a good thing though.  I am sleeping better than I've slept in a long time.

Another benefit is that I have my spring cleaning done and now I can spend my time knitting.  I have two projects on the needles.

The first one is my Custom Basic Black.  This is the back.  The decreases for the waist shaping are finished.  I'm now working on the increases up to the bust line.

The other project is the Linen Top.  I have one piece finished and am starting on the other.

A friend is making one also.  She mentioned that she has had trouble with linen biasing.  I don't see that happening yet.  We'll have to see once I give it a good soak and block it out.  My goal is to have this top finished by the start of summer.  It should be a nice thing to wear over a camisole.