Polar Bear Snow Dance

This winter has not been as severe as last winter.  January was actually quite mild.  February, however, is making up for it.  Last year was the Polar Vortex.  This year is the Siberian Express.  Temperatures have been near or below 0 deg F this week.  I don't completely mind.  I have a warm hat and gloves.  And my new car has heated seats (Oh! Why hadn't I had those before?)  But if it going to be cold, I prefer to also have snow.  My polar bear flag has been out front since the Christmas decorations came down.  (Yes, those are Christmas lights in the background.  They are staying there until spring and the ground is thawed.)

The polar bear snow dance finally worked.  About 4 inches fell overnight and another couple inches are due our way through the day.  My plans are to hibernate inside and occupy my time with spinning and knitting. 

One project I'm not sure I have the patience to deal with is fixing this shawl.  I wore it to work yesterday.  While rearranging it I discovered a couple moth holes.  While darning them I discovered a few more.  My darning skills are not the best and seeing more holes has just made me very disheartened.  I will repair it.  It just won't look as nice anymore.

I am in the 7th of the eight center repeats on my niece's shawl.  This will be my main project this weekend.  With any luck I'll be starting the edging with two weeks.

My basic cardi is slowly moving along.  The back is done and I'm on one of the front panels.  I'll get back to this after the center panel of the shawl is complete.

Time now to reheat my tea and get to knitting.  Stay warm!