Offer It Up

I'm nearing the end of the shawl for my niece.  A few more evenings of knitting and this puppy will be ready to take a soak and get blocked.  I have about a third of the border left.  It has taken me two weeks to get this point.
After this project is over, I'll pick back up on my basic cardi.  I need to do something for me.  Maybe I'll make a pair of socks also.  I certainly have a stash of fingering weight yarn waiting for me.
In non-knitting news, my life is still very much consumed by my mom's health and my children.  Blake and I went on another college visit Friday.  This time to the University of Cincinnati.  Unlike his sisters, he really liked the campus and can see himself going there.  We have a few more campuses to visit.  We'll see next year where he ends up.
While in Cincinnati for the campus tour, Blake and I stayed in town to visit my mom.   I probably won't get down there again until mid-April.  I had hoped to get down for Easter, but the plans for Easter with my mom are too early in the day for my family and I to attend.  We would have to get up way too early and possibly miss church.  It upsets me that things couldn't have been arranged to be a little more accommodating for us since this may very well be the last Easter for my mom.  I'll stop complaining now.  Since we are going to be staying home, I'll just focus on making it nice for my family.  As my mom would say "Offer it up."