Trying to Remember

Months ago I pushed the Basic Cardi into hibernation.  I had the back finished and had started on the right front.  I was trying to keep up progress with my niece's shawl and put a moratorium on any other knitting until I had gotten it done.  When I came out from under that, I wasn't in the mood to do something so plain.  I had gotten used to following charts and the ever-changing stitches.  To satisfy my craving I started a pair of socks and a crescent scarf.

I finished the scarf.  I don't have the ends woven in yet.  Nor have I blocked it.  It's been tossed aside for the moment.

The socks thrilled me for one sock, but the second sock has been a bit of a struggle.

While hunting for fabric for the parrot head block, I found the Basic Cardi.  It got moved into a visible spot where it has sat for the past 3 weeks.  I'd occasionally pull it out of the bag, look at the stitches and tell myself that I'll get back to it soon.

When "soon" came Friday.  I sat down expecting to pick up where I left off and be on my way.  No such luck.  I remember why I stopped where I did.  The pattern gets very confusing at this point.  The pattern is a Custom Fit pattern.  Since it is built from a formula, the waist shaping, neckline shaping and the armhole are all discussed separately.  I had to read through the entire instructions and plot out what each section was telling me to do, then correlate them into a single set of row by row instructions.  My first attempt at doing this on Friday ended in total frustration.  I tried again Saturday morning, but realized I didn't have enough caffeine in my blood to tackle it.  Finally, last night after dinner, and a very small glass of wine to ease the anxiety, I got the pattern figured out.  I'm back to knitting.  I'll try not to toss this aside again.  Stay tuned for future updates.