Angels Are Near

  One of my friends included in my Christmas gift a little something for the birds that visit my yard.  It is bird seed disk.  Even though I spend the majority of my time at the back of the house, I decided to hang the disk on the front tree.  I added a suit rack.  The next day I noticed a visitor, a female cardinal. People say that cardinals mean angels are nearby.   It was a nice thought, especially since this Christmas was a bit difficult since it was the first Christmas without my mom.

A couple days ago, the weather turned bitterly cold and we got a little a bit of snow.  This morning while retrieving the paper I noticed that our front porch had a feathered visitor.  I don't know if it was a cardinal.  Whatever type of bird it was hopped up to the sidelight window.

Over the New Year weekend, my brother Joe visited.  I took him downtown to the main library to see the train display.  He loves trains and enjoyed watching the display while I browsed for a book.

The 21 Color Slouch is done.  It took a bath and got blocked.  Now it needs shipped to Kristin.

Trisha's hat is next on the list to finish.  It hibernated a few weeks while I worked on the hats for Kristin and her boyfriend.  It took a little while this morning to get my stranded knitting groove back.  The biggest issue I have is getting the tension correct.  I hold both colors on my left hand and knit continental.  It is especially troubling with the finer yarns, like the fingering that I'm using for Trisha's hat.

Before getting back to Trisha's hat, I made a little something out of a mini skein I was given.  Last month Destination Yarn had a trunk show at 614 Knit Studio.  The owner gave a little gift to everyone who made a purchase during the trunk show.  I got a mini skein of Dragonfly Fibers in a lovely pink with black spots.

It was just enough to make a cup cozie.  It will go to work with me to keep my tea warm.  I love how it knit up.  It looks like strawberry ice cream with chocolate chunks.  Very yummy!!