F is for February and the Flu

A good amount of February was spent at home.  One would think that my knitting progress would have been tremendous.  Not so. I had the flu, not just once but twice.  I began the month with the flu and ended the month with it.  I spent a lot of time looking at my knitting, but too tired to pick it up and stitch.

I'm feeling much better now except for a nagging cough.  The doctor said that will last a while.  Too bad she couldn't tell me what the definition of 'a while' is.

I am making some progress on Drachenfels.  I finished the first section Thursday night and began the second section.  

When I am finished with this, I'm going to have to keep a close watch on it.  Kristin has been home this week for her mid-semester break.  I caught her looking at it.  She dropped some less that subtle hints that she'd like to have it.  She said that while wearing one of her dad's sweatshirts that she took from his closet.  She has a habit of helping herself to other's clothes.  I'll probably have to make her one of her own someday.

Someday.  I think after this is finished I'm going to work on a sweater for myself.  It'll probably be another piece of knitwear that she covets.