Sweater Confidence

Back in January I took a sewing class at a local shop.  It has been years since I've sewn anything for myself so I decided I might need a little professional guidance.  The pattern for the class was a raglan sweatshirt.  I chose contrasting lightweight knits.  

Despite my prior years of sewing, I did learn a few things from this class.  

First lesson was about the choice of fabrics.  The fabric was nice to work with, but now that they are together it looks like a kid's pajama top.  

Second lesson was about placing the neckband.  It had to be stretched to fit around the neck opening.  My mistake was that I also stretched the green fabric.  It is gathered but should not be.

I still have to put on the cuffs and and waistband.  That shouldn't take too long.  I just haven't made the time.

Last weekend we went down to Cincinnati to visit Blake.  He is part of the TedX committee at UC.  Their main event was Saturday afternoon.  I got some good knitting time in while on the car ride and during the 3 hours of Ted talks.

I got to the end of the ball of yarn I was knitting on the body of the Rhinebeck Raglan.  There are three balls of yarn left.  I pulled one out and began a sleeve.  Once this sleeve is done, I'll do the same with the other sleeve.  The remaining yarn will be used to finish the body.  I'm not sure how long it will be but I'm hoping it hits mid-hip.

Monday was Presidents Day.  Since I had off work I ran a few errands, including popping by my favorite LYS Knitting Temptations.  I have some money left from Christmas gifts so I bought myself yarn to make another sweater.  Rhinebeck Raglan is helping me with my sweater confidence.

These four beautiful skeins of Blue Sky Woolstok will one day become The Weekender.  I've been seeing the pattern mentioned a lot and its come up in Ravelry on the favorites list.  It looks like a comfy, cozy sweater.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to spin more.  I'm trying to get at least 30 minutes a week at my wheel.  I have some yak on there now.  Once that is spun and plied I'm going to try to make a gradient yarn out of one of these lovelies.  

It will take some careful planning.  I have the book Yarnitecture to help me.