Back to School Preparations

Today's theme is 'Back to School.' Earlier I took the girls to the mall to get clothes. Since this is Dancer's first year in public school, regular clothes are a must. JC Penney's had a good sale. We were able to get her 2 pairs of jeans and two shirts. Then over at Abercrombie, we got her two more shirts and three shirts for VBGirl. I consented to so much at Abercrombie only because I had a gift card to use.

After coming home from the mall and eating lunch, I spent the next 2+ hours working on the stack of paperwork and writing checks for school. Dancer had her school orientation Thursday night. All forms and fees for her were taken care of by the orientation. Today's focus was on the stuff for the other two. I don't mind doing it if I can sit down uninterrupted and take care of it. Today was such a day. I also got my planner updated with the schools' schedules all the way through June 2008. I've learned the hard way to take the time and get it all written down at the start of the school year.

Dash's school is finally coming into the 21st century. In their newsletter they stated that they will not be sending home printed newsletters any longer. Everything will be posted on the school's website. They also will communicate via e-mail. My only complaint while filling out the forms today was that his school asked for e-mail addresses on 4 separate forms. Writing the same thing over and over again is one of my pet peeves. At any rate, I think I have it all taken care of.

VBGirl has her sports physical for volleyball on Tuesday and then that form will be complete.

Speaking of volleyball, VBGirl made her team and was selected in the first draft of players. She has heard from the assistant coach's brother that she is considered one of the strongest players on the team and is going to be groomed for a Libero position in high school. She is very excited about that. I told her to use this information as motivation to keep trying harder and improve.

I'm making progress on the linen shawl. I've completed 12 repeat. To finish it, I need to do 9 rows of garter stitch. I'm nearing the end of a ball of linen and don't think I have enough to do those 9 rows before starting the next ball. I can't decide if I'll do one more repeat before finishing, or just finish now. We'll see what my mood is tomorrow. I won't have time today to work on it so I still have time to think.

Lastly, the weather has cooled off very nicely. A front came through Wednesday/Thursday night which brought some heavy, but much needed, rain. It has cooled considerably. Last night it dipped into the upper 50s. I LOVED IT!!!! The windows were wide open and the crickets and birds were chirping away. Life is good.


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