Ramblings from a Fried Brain

It is so fricking hot!!!! When I pulled into my work's parking lot this morning at 6:55 am it was 78 deg F. The humidity was so high you could almost cut the air. It was awful. Driving home from work at 5:00 pm was even worse at 100 deg F!!! I really, really hate the heat. I much prefer cold weather. Not bitter cold, but cold.

It is almost shameful for me to admit I'm still on Clue 2 of MS3. My friend is up to the 5th clue. Looking at what the wing is like, I'm not sure I'll follow it that far. I may just make it symetrical and repeat the first 4 clues. I figure by the time I get to the point where I have to decide, many others will be done and I see some finished examples.

Monday evening I got 5 more rows done on the linen shawl. I'm into the 12th repeat. I still haven't decided when to call that one quits. My class reunion got delayed until late September or early October, so I have time to complete before then.

This weekend probably won't be a good weekend for knitting. Our church is having their annual festival on Friday and Saturday evenings. During the day Saturday will be spent at my in-laws. On Sunday I will be having lunch with a friend whom I haven't seen in 5 years. She's coming back to Ohio for her high school class reunion. It will be good to catch up with her.

Take care and stay cool!