Is October Really Almost Over?

I really meant to return sooner, but as usual, the evenings slip away before I know it. Right now I have a mostly quiet house. Dancer is in the other room reading a book. Dash is at his karate lesson. Ed is running. And VBGirl is at the library working on a project. (She is with her friends, so I doubt there is really not a lot of work being done. But they aren't here, so I'm happy.)

Since my last post there has been a flurry of activity. Ed and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on September 30. It is hard for me to believe we've been married that long. This is going to sound like a cliche, but it is getting better as time goes on, like a fine wine. (There may be a clue in that saying. Our consumption of wine has grown proportionally with the years we have been married.) To celebrate, we went to first to the Wine Shoppe Bistro. After an appetizer and a glass of wine, we went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for a nice dinner.

The next weekend was packed with activities. Friday night was spent transporting the girls and their friends to the high school football game. Saturday was the league tournament for VBGirl's team. The tournament started off badly with them losing the first match. It ended on a positive note with the girls winning the consolation bracket. [I tried to upload a picture but the server wasn't cooperating.]

After the tournament, I headed out of town to attend my 25th high school reunion. It was fun seeing a lot of my friends from high school. We all agreed that we all looked great and haven't aged a bit. There may be a bit more of us than in high school, but we're aging very, very gracefully. [no luck uploadign a picture of the reunion either]

Over the following weekend, I flew to Baltimore to meet one of my sisters and attend Stitches East. It was a great 4-day weekend. I took three classes and Patty took 4 classes. After the weekend was over it occurred to me that she and I have never spent that much one-on-one time together. My favorite classes were the Unpatterns class and the Get Twisted class about cables. [I'll try to post pictures from Stitches another time.] I bought about 1500 yards of Decadent Fibers Cookie Dough while at Market. I plan to use it to make my Unpatterns sweater. Now all I have to do is find a decent template sweater to work from.

Hmmm... I think I know just the thing. Time to go find it and take some measurements.