The longest week on record!!!!

I'm coming to the close of a very big project at work. The past week has been spent testing and retesting and retesting the software. Actually, I'm technically not doing the testing. As the project manager, I'm directing the testing, or being the testing bitch, as I've been referred to occasionally this week. Things haven't gone smoothly, which is typical with testing software. Murphy's Law rears its ugly head often. But some (too many) of the bumps were due to stupid human error. I expect software to misbehave when put through the rigours of testing, but I get extremely frustrated when someone makes the same stupid error when setting up the tests three times in a row!!! Actually inflicting physical harm on the project team is not a wise career move. Instead, I pulled out one of my double pointeds and casually mentioned that there are other uses for it besides making socks. Now, if I survive Monday morning when we migrate the software to production, I might actually get some of my sanity back.

In my last post, I had attempted to upload some picture of my acquisitions from Stitches East. Here's one of the sample blocks I made from the Get Twisted class:

Here's another in progress. I've fallen in love with doing cables. In the Get Twisted class, the diagrams for 4 sampler blocks were provided along with instructions for making a cute little bag out of them. If I have enough Lamb's Pride Worsted to make the bag, I will.

This will someday become my first attempt at making an Unpatterns sweater:

And this is my first skein of Socks That Rock. The colors are wild and fun.

Now, it is time to get a glass of wine and relax. Tomorrow's a big day. Daughter #2's volleyball tournament is tomorrow. Wish them luck.