Elfin Magic

Today was my last day of work until January 2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed and I went out to eat tonight to celebrate the much needed time off and to celebrate a nice bonus I got from work. Over dinner, I told him that I wished the house wasn't so dirty, otherwise I'd sit on my butt all day and knit tomorrow. His reply was 'Why not?' You know, he's right. I deserve a day to sit around and do nothing. Work has been very stressful. I've busted my bum to get everything ready for Christmas. I do have some knitting to finish for the big day. I think I'll follow his advice. I will take a shower sometime in the afternoon. We have a party to attend in the evening. It might be wise to not stink for that.

The house has been invaded by two magic elves. Dash came home from school a few weeks ago and announced that a lot of the kids at school have attracted elves to their houses by leaving notes for Mrs. Claus. Of course, we needed to get one. 'Snicker' showed up one afternoon, hanging from our kitchen light. He seemed to be a pretty good elf, not getting into too much trouble. Last weekend, though, Dash said he was going to ask for another elf because Snicker was lonely. Mrs. Claus allowed Doodle to come since he was Snicker's older brother (the boys are named after Mrs. Claus' favorite Christmas cookie; if 2 more arrive they will have to be named Peanut and Blossom :) Well, two are a bit more rambunctous than one. Two nights ago Snicker got into the donuts and Doodle hid himself in the refrigerator. Then the elves were found swinging from our ceiling fan this morning. Dash is so excited to find out what mischief they will get into tonight. It's been sort of fun, but the fun will end on Christmas Eve.

On the knitting front, I'm still working on my alpaca sweater. I still have hopes of wearing on Christmas Day. I'm also knitting a hat for my neice who just got a new coat. She wants a hat and scarf for Christmas. Dancer is making the scarf, while I'm working on the hat. I'm basing the hat on
this pattern from Knitty. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Time to get a glass of water and head off to bed. TTFN.