Sunny Saturday

It looks like spring might finally be making an appearance this weekend. It rained all day yesterday and a bit more overnight. We didn't, however, get the thunderstorms that were predicted. I haven't been outside yet, but the skies are clearing and it looks like it may end up quite nice. The last prediction I saw for today (from yesterday morning) said it would hit the upper 50s today and mid 60s tomorrow. I'm hoping it warms a bit more today so that the whole weekend is nice.

VBGirl has a volleyball tournament this weekend out of town. However, her friend's mom offered to take her with them so we don't have to go. I feel a little guilty about not going to watch, but my turn to provide transportation will be next week. Given the nice weather predicted for this weekend, I'll make the most of having free time.

Progress on Valpuri has been slowed this week due to several factors: return to work, return to school for the kids (and homework), evening activities every night, and a very painful bout of carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand/arm. I've been able to get relief from the CTS, but I'm going to have to make sure I don't overdo things again. Here's a picture of the progress:

The color is pretty accurate in this photo. I'm starting to get a little worried about the size, however. It seems a bit too small for me. The pattern is a close fitted garment, and versions others have made on Ravelry have been form fitted. I hope once I block it that it is okay. Since I'm working botton up, I could add a few stitched as I get to the bust line. [Also, it wouldn't hurt if I lost a few pounds ;)]