I decided to change a few things on the blog. Spring has finally sprung here in Central Ohio. Tiny, new leaves are coming out. In honor of this grand event, I'm changing the 'look and feel' to be more spring like.

I don't know what possessed me yesterday, but I signed up for a walking half marathon. The event is on September 21. I don't quite remember how many years this walking only event has been going on, but I've walked it a couple times. This is the first year for the half marathon. When I told Ed about doing it, he thought I meant to run it. That got a good laugh out of both of us. This is a walk only event, which is something I can handle. I tried talking my workout buddy, Tracy, into doing it with me, but she declined. Ed said he would do it with me, however. It will be three weeks after his Ironman. He should be able to walk 13 miles easily. Now all I have to do is train.

I added an exercise ticker to keep track of the miles I walk this year in preparation for the race. Training will not officially start until June, but I'm getting 3 miles in over the lunch hour several days a week. The training schedule looks very doable, except for the long walks on Sundays. I need to map out routes to get 8+ miles in on several Sundays before the race.