It's been a while

It certainly hasn't been the lazy days of summer. It seems like I've been just as busy now as I was during the school year.

My training for the 1/2 marathon has officially begun. I haven't updated my webpart to show my mileage, but I'm walking at least 17 miles a week right now. The mileage will go up. I should do 4 miles this weekend, which will put me at about 19 miles this week. My average speed is 3.5 mph. Not too bad. I'll work on my speed later in July.

This is a special weekend around here. My brother Joe is in town competing in the Ohio Special Olympics. Here's Joe at the start of the Opening Ceremony.

Let the games begin!!!

At the bowling lanes.

Joe earned a Gold Medal for his bowling. He is a lot better than I am at bowling.

In knitting news, I'm still making slow progress on Valpuri. The sleeves are a little more than half done. Tomorrow I will work on it more. Photos later. I promise.