Punished for my indiscretion

Over the Memorial Day weekend, instead of taking the nice, lazy 3-day weekend and working on Valpuri, I got seriously distracted by lace. I worked a bit on the Butterfly dress and started a Print O' the Wave stole. I've been loving every minute of it. But then midweek while gathering things for my Wednesday knitting lunch with friends at work, I pulled Valpuri back out. I was feeling guilty for not working on it and decided that as much as I'd love to totally immerse myself in lace knitting again, I better get Valpuri done. I worked Friday night while sitting on the deck until it got too dark to see the stitches clearly. I worked on it Saturday morning at Dancer's recital practice (which was 1 1/2 hours behind schedule!!!) Sunday morning it was in the home stretch for the front and realized I SCREWED UP!! I was supposed to decrease one stitch EVERY row for 12 rows at the neck opening. I did every other row!!! CRAP!! I've frogged it back to the beginning of the neck opening but I think I've got the two sides out of alignment. Tonight I'll try to sit with it and try to figure it out. Hopefully it will forgive me for brief liaison with others.