Finally Finished

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Over the weekend I finally sat my bum down and finished Valpuri. Seaming has never been my favorite, and it still remains so. For the most part I'm happy with the final product. I wore it to work on Tuesday. If I were to do anything different, it would be to make the body a wee bit longer. I am short wasted, but with my fat stomach, I felt like the ribbing hit at a very unflattering spot. The yarn is a cotton blend, so I don't know if it will grow much. A little would be nice.

Back to school activities are well underway. Both girls made their school's volleyball teams. Dancer is giving up dancing and dedicating herself to volleyball. I'll have to think up another moniker for her, since VBGirl has dibs on that one. Dash is anxious to get back to school. He's been a little bored lately. It will be nice to get a routine established. However, I doubt that will happen until volleyball season is over in late October.

I'm still 'training' for the half marathon. My training isn't progressing according to any prescribed schedule. I'm trying to get my miles in, but life seems to always get in the way. I still feel like I can walk 13 miles without the hard core training. The event organizers are allowing an average 20-minute mile pace. While I'm walking, I'm averaging 17 minute miles. I'll do fine, I think.

Ed's Ironman is less than 3 weeks away. He's in the final phase of his training. He's cutting back on his mileage and focusing on storing energy. He's beginning his race preparations also. My next post will probably be after that event.