An Official Diagnosis

For about 4 years I've been having irregular cycles. I've gone through a series of tests and procedures, but the doctors never were able to find anything wrong. I suspected I was perimenopausal, but my hormone levels were always in the normal range when tested. Well, about the time we were on our trip out west this summer, I started having hot flashes. Not just one or two a day, but rather 8 - 12 a day and night. It has been completely miserable. I haven't been able to sleep more than about 90 minutes at a time through the night. A couple weeks ago I decided I had enough suffering and called the doctor again. This time the blood test came back indicating I'm menopausal. I haven't had a cycle since May, if you would even call what it was in May a real cycle.

It's funny but this bit of official news has hit me harder than I would have thought. I'm 44 years old. Not really too young for this, but not the expected age either. I'm shouldn't be surprised because my maternal grandmother was 42 when she hit menopause. I'm going through all kinds of emotions right now. On one hand I'm glad I don't have to deal with things every month. On the other hand, I feel like I've aged in an instant. I know a lot of this feeling is due to my lack of sleep and my overly emotional nature of late. Now comes the hard decision about what to do to about the symptoms. I have one of three choices:
#1. Just put up with it like I have for the past couple months and hope the hot flashes don't continue for years like I've read that they could!
#2. Talk to my doctor about HRT. This option is not appealling because my mom had breast cancer and I really don't want to willing do anything to increase my odds.
#3. Try a natural remedy. My doctor recommended a couple brands to try. I did a little investigating on the internet and they both seem to have favorable reviews. I'm trying one to see if it works. According to what I've read, it can take about a month to notice any reduction in my symptoms. Believe me, it won't come too soon. I'm purposely omitting the names of what the doctor recommended until I decide for myself if it works for me or not. Stay tuned. Hopefully a favorable recommendation will be coming soon.

Now, to the fun part of the blog. Around the chaotic activities that are 'back to school' I have been working on a blanket for my niece who is due to have her first baby (the first great grandchild for my parents) in September. below is the first section of a blanket for the baby.

The beginning
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This is based upone Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket from The Opinionated Knitter. I'm following Meg Swansen's recommendation to have different colors in some of the areas. It will have blue in it in addition to the yellow and green. I just hope I can get it done before the baby arrives.


Anonymous said…
Hey, big sis, Second Oldest, here. Don't mourn too much about the change. I felt a little weird about it at first but now it is great. I had all the same symptoms you did right after having R. I put up with it for A LONG TIME! Then in 2000, my periods stopped (I was 43)... for 2 years. Then they re-appeared...once... then they were gone again....for awhile...then at Christmas 05 guess what? Yikes! And I'm married to an intact male!!!HELP!!! But no fear, my Dr. said my FSH levels show I was definately menopausal and the weirdness was from a fibroid tumor that should shrink as my uterus had. Actually she called it "withered", sniff, sniff! When I had meno symptoms I took a soy supplement. I used a soy powder and put it in my smoothies. It was good and kept me from getting hungry. The best part was the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, only lasted about 6 months.(In 2004, that is.)