A Little Knitting

Most of my time lately is spent either at work or at a volleyball game. Any time at home is spent cooking, cleaning dishes, or helping with homework. It's been exhausting. Oh, and there was that half marathon thingy last week. Consequently, I haven't had much time for knitting.

Parker beat me out of the gate. He was born last Saturday. I haven't gotten to see him yet since he and his parents live about 3 1/2 hours away, but I hope to visit them soon. Here's his blanket:

Last night I started the last set of decreases for the green. I should finish that today and the last yellow section while watching college football. Tomorrow I'll get moving on sewing it up. Then comes the border. I'm going to do the rolled I-cord border suggested by Meg Swansen. It will be in the blue to frame the blanket.

Friday night I was not in the mood to knit garter stitch, so I tried my hand at a washcloth. Here's what I made while watching Oregon State tear apart USC.

I think the colors are pretty close in both photos. This was a nice little diversion project. I satisfied my desire to do something different, but didn't take too much time. My slight ADD nature likes this very much.