It's All Ike's Fault

Living in the midwest, I never thought I'd have to deal with a hurricane or tropical storm. That was before Ike, anyway. Ike came flying through the Indiana-Ohio region with 75 mph wind gusts. Our power went out around 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon and remained off for about 45 hours, until 11:00 am today. We didn't lose any trees, but our neighbors did. We did, however, lose a lot of shingles. Ed is trying to get ahold of roofing companies for estimates and the insurance company for a review of our policy. Let's hope it's covered!!!!!! I'm going to spend the next few hours disposing of the contents of the refrigerator and freezer. We tried to keep things cool, but the power was out for too long. I tried knitting in the evenings, but the dim candlelight was hindering my progress. Parker's blanket is still in the works. And from the lack of news from my niece, I'm guessing the little guy is still in the works too.