Knitting Update

Did I mention that I'm an ADD knitter? How's this for proof:

Exhibit A: The February Lady's Sweater. I'm reusing yarn I had for a previous project. I've completed 10 repeats of the lace. It is one of those 'knit till you want to stop' deals.

Exhibit B: The Unpatterns Simple Sweater. I bought the yarn (Delectable Fibers) last year at Stitches East, where I also took the Unpatterns class. I've been wanting to go with this, but didn't start until now.

The swatch turned out great, but when I started the sweater the colors started spiralling around the body. I frogged it and restarted using all three balls of yarn that I have. The randomness I desire is achieved.

Exhibit C: Drawstring Tote Bag: THis is another left over from Stitches. I also took JC Briar's 'Get Twisted!' class. I fell in love with cables. Included in her handout is instructions for making the sample squares into a little tote bag. I've completed the 4 squares. Two were done in class and the other two were completed here at home recently. Now I need to block the squares and finish the bag.

Exhibit D: Socks. My sock history hasn't been too successful. My first several pairs were thick socks that were given to Ed. He likes them because they keep his toes warm while hunting. The first pair for me turned out perfect after they were accidentally washed in the washer and felted slightly. My next 4 attempts resulted in socks that were too large, because the yarn doesn't felt. I'm now trying another pair, using a smaller needle.

My defense is that the weather is getting cold and a girl has to have something to do while indoors. Lord knows that cleaning isn't any fun!