No Time to Waste

It's strawberry season in central Ohio.  Actually, it is coming to a close soon.  Last year I made freezer jam, which Blake loved.  He requested more after consuming my entire batch.  This morning I went up to a local pick-your-own farm and brought home 4 quarts.  I made freezer jam with half.  The remaining strawberries are going to become a pie.  My mom gave me her strawberry pie recipe.  It is a family favorite.  Unlike some recipes, it does not use gelatin.   I'll have to think of a good meal to go with that special dessert.

I'm back to making progress on the Taize shawl. It goes to work with me everyday. About 3 days a week I'm able to get a few rows in over lunch. It is approaching the 1/3 done mark. I'd like to get this done by the fall and then keep it at the office. It will be nice to wrap myself in, especially later this year when the project I'm working one reaches its deadline. The move-to-production date is October 1. That weekend will be a long, exhausting one. I don't anticipate being home much between September 13 to mid-November. Having this shawl with me will help.

Of course I can't just work on one project.  I'm also trying to make progress on Decimal.  I've finished the body up to the armholes.  I'm now working on the left sleeve.  This is my 'sitting in front of the television' project.  Below are a couple photos of it.  The color in the first photo is closest to reality.  The second photo is a close-up of the sleeve.

Next Thursday my sister Patty is coming into town.  We will be attending Knitters Connection.  We are taking a class from Cookie A on Friday.  I can't wait.  Also, Patty is going to bring her spinning wheel and some roving. She is going to attempt to teach me how to spin.  We'll see how that goes.