Gotta work on my stress level

As my last post will demonstrate, I've been a bit stressed lately.  Today was a total insane day at work.  I couldn't decide if I was in the middle of a mental ward or daycare center.  Oh well, I'm home now sipping a glass of wine.  Much better than an hour and a half ago.

To help with my stress management, I bought a hot tub.  It took us several weeks to get it all connected, but it is operational now.  The weather so far this summer has been cool enough to make the evening dips enjoyable.  Last night I spent over 20 minutes in it.  It was heaven!  We have it on our deck.  Here's a photo where it can be seen through the slats of the deck.  Ed took this picture to show an electrician when we were trying to decide how the power line for the spa needed to be placed.

Last week I went to Knitter's Connection here in Columbus.  I only took one class this year:  Introduction to Strickmuster by Candice Eisner Strick.  It was a fantastic class!  I fell in love with twisted stitches.  I came home and designed a pair of socks to make using the technique from class.  Maybe I'll post it someday.

Anyone who has gone to Knitter's Connection knows that they give out some fantastic goodies.  Included in this years bag were 3 skeins of yumminess.  I don't know yet how I'm going to use them.  I'll have to look for ideas on Ravelry.

While at the market, I splurged a little.  Not quite as much as I could have.  The qiviut was very, very tempting but I didn't have $175 on me to buy a skein.  I will own some qiviut someday.  As God is my witness, I will!  What I did get is this:

A skein of bison to make a hat for Ed.  Our anniversary is in September.  Hope to have it done by then.

Here is a skein of Footnotes from Fiber Optic.  I'm going to make the socks I designed with this.  Stay tuned!

Even though I resisted the siren song of the qiviut, I couldn't pass up the baby alpaca roving.  I bought a total of 8 ounces.  It is going to get shipped to my sister Patty who spins.  I'd like her to make it into laceweight.  To bribe her for this little favor, I'm sending along some Chocolate Kisses.  Not the kind from Hershey, but rather another skein of FootNotes from Fiber Optic.

Among all this shopping therapy, I have been doing some knitting.  The girls asked me to make them each a tank top.  I started with Kristin's.  I'm up to the bodice area on hers.  I took some liberties with the fourth section.  I figured any lacey pattern will do as long as it matches the stitch count.  I'll probably vary Trisha's also.