Didn't mean to be away so long

Life continues to be absolutely crazy.  I told my husband the other day that I have a fantasy, which made him perk up his ears.  My fantasy involves a cabin in the woods with a woodburning fireplace.  I'd like to sit in front of a fire for days and do nothing  but knit, read, nap and drink wine.  It wasn't exactly what Ed was hoping I'd say, but he said he'll try to find me place to escape to for a weekend.

I've been doing a little knitting.  I made the Raceback Tee for Kristin.  The pattern was from Knitty.

My sister Patty spun the alpaca roving I bought at Knitter's Connection.  I now have over 600 yards of yummy 2-ply. 

I'm going to turn this into a stole using this pattern. 

Speaking of Knitter's Connection, I've starting knitting the Buffalo Gold Earth that I bought.  It is transforming into a simple hat for Ed.  The yarn is fabulous.  I don't know if buffalo have lanolin in their fur like sheep, but it certainly feels like it.  I've had to frog my original attempt because the hat was too large for Ed's head.  The yarn did not even seemed to be affected by the ripping out.

Over the summer I lost my friend who had been battling leukemia.  His family is having a rough time since he passed.  I made a shawl for his widow, but I'm not happy with how tightly I cast on and bound off.  The edges are curling.  I'll give it to her, but it won't be able to be used as I intended.  I wanted something she could wrap herself in when she needed a hug.   I'll give her something else this winter.

A few of my other WIPs are chugging along.  The Taize wrap is over half way done.  A friend gave me several cones of wool that he had in his stash.  He was gifted the cones from a friend who found them at a thrift shop.  They are fingering weight.  The wool is rather coarse so I'm guessing they were meant for weaving rather than knitting.