Buffler hat

I finished the hat for Ed. This is made out of Buffalo Gold Earth.  It is really yummy fiber.  I just made up the pattern myself.  It is a long overdue anniversary gift.  Here it is.  Ed wasn't too happy about my photographing him since he hadn't shaved yet this morning.    I liked the way it turned out. He's worn it a couple times while hunting.  We'll see if it gets to go to the high school football game tonight.  That will be the true indication of how warm it is.  Oh, and it is named 'Buffler' because that is how my dad would jokingly say Buffalo. 

Now, what will be my next project to finish?  I'm still chipping away at the Taise shawl and the Pure Love shawl.  I also want to get the Go Live Minimalist sweater done.