Still Spinning

Just as I stated in my last post, I haven't accomplished much knitting.  Spring Break hit the last week of March.  We went on a 5-day cruise to The Bahamas.  It was so nice.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture.  The week was dedicated to resting and forgetting reality.

I have made some progress with spinning.  I bought 2 wheels of Icelandic wool pencil roving.  The tag said each wheel was approximately 300 yards.  Since it is pencil roving, I don't have to do much drafting.  I tried to do a little to make up for the shrinkage that happens naturally from the twist.  The two skeins on the left are aboug 40 yards of 3-ply.  My sister, Patty, taught me how to Navaho ply.  The single on the spindle is the remainder of the first wheel.  This should yield at least as much as 40 yards of 3-ply.  I actually expect it to be a bit more since I loaded the spindle more than on the first two attempts.  (I think the 300-yard statement for the wheel was a gross understatement.)  After I get the second wheel spun, shown on right, I believe I will have about 300 yards of 3-ply.  This should make a nice hat, mitten and cowl set for my oldest daughter who is heading off to college in the fall.

I really love spinning.  Patty gave me a bag of roving that came from a sheep that she used to own.  I can't wait to get that spun.  I've started a secret stash to save for a spinning wheel.  I don't want Ed to be shocked by the price when I get one.