Busy Times

As usual, life has been busy. 

In mid-April, I went to Stitches South with a couple friends.  It was a fun weekend.  I took a class from Candace Eisner-Strick and one from Melissa Leapman.  My friends took a beading class and shared what they learned with me.  The weekend was filled with crafts, good friends, good food and a fair amount of good beverages.  It was a nice escape from reality.

Last weekend was my oldest daughter's senior prom.  Because of some drama with her now former boyfriend, she wasn't going to go.  She had a if not with him, then I'm not going attitude.  There were several other boys asking her to go but she wouldn't say Yes to them.  I didn't want her to miss her senior prom and later regret it.  Fortunately, she and former boyfriend came to an understanding and they went to prom together.  They are not getting back together, but they are now able to be friends.  I think that is the best, most mature outcome.  They will now go off to separate colleges and have new adventures on their own.  Since so much of their high school was spent together, either as friends or as a couple, I didn't want them to part with bitter feelings.   Here is a couple pictures from prom.  I have to say they were the handsomest couple there.

Last night was Blake's confirmation.  It was a very nice mass.  Our bishop is a very good speaker and is very relatable.  Since this was my third child to be confirmed, I knew what the bishop was going to say, but I was still engaged with what he said.  I escpecially liked his closing remark to the young people.  'Don't forget your dignity."  That says so much, especially in today's world.  My sister, Nancy, was Blake's sponsor but she was not able to make up for the ceremony.  My brother, Joe, took her place.  Joe is developmentally disabled, so he couldn't be Blake's sponsor outright.  However, Joe is the model of devotion and faithfulness.  He looks forward to going to church every week and participates fully in the mass.  He listens to Catholic cable station everyday.  He enjoys the simple things in life and never complains about anything or stresses over life.  I wish I were more like Joe.  Here is a picture of the two handsome men.

The next week is very busy with Kristin's graduation, Ed's 50th birthday, and a weekend full of graduation parties.  There won't be much knitting or spinning for a while.