It's Hot!!

It is predicted to hit 104 deg F today.  It is too hot to do anything outside except for in the extreme early or late hours.  My car smells like a sauna when I get in it after work and it takes half of the ride home for it to cool off.  I wish there was relief coming soon, but it doesn't sound like it.  I am trying to control the heat and light in the house by opening and closing certain blinds.  If I leave all the blinds closed all day, the house is too dark to knit.  And my plants aren't happy.  My kids are being to wonder if I am a bit OCD.  This behavior will pass with the heatwave.

I'm still chugging along on the Through The Loops 2012 KAL shawl. I'm halfway through Clue 4. My goal is to do 4 rows a day. At this rate I should have it done in less than 2 weeks.  I really wish I hadn't lost the label for this yarn.  I remember buying it years ago as a now closed LYS.  I think it was around 1000 yards.  I'll have to weigh the shawl and the remaining ball to estimate how much I have left. 

The design is playing out to be a plant.  The first clues made what look like stalks.  Clues 3 and 4 are leaves.  The pattern has the option to do a finished edge after Clue 4 or continue the leaves for another 40 rows and then do the edge. 

I am also getting a little spinning in.  This is the roving that my sister gave me from one of her sheep.  It is so nice to work with.  I want to double ply it.  It should work up to be fingering weight when finished.  Waiting in the wings is 12 ounces of black alpaca roving that I bought.  I've been avoiding thinking about a wheel, but I probably should invest in one soon since I'm accumulating more roving.


PattyW said…
I have finished clue 4 and I don't think I'll finish clue 5 - the yarn I am using will not be enough to do the longer version and that is the size I would use. Plus, the yarn is varigated and doesn't suit this pattern very well. Solid color is the way to go. I'll have to spin something to make this shawl with...