A Problem With Fit

I've never had much luck with knitting sweaters for myself.  When I first started knitting, I thought the measurements on the patterns were like sewing patterns.  If it said "bust 38 inches" then it meant that it fit a person whose bust was 38".  After a few failures, some quite expensive, I learned that the numbers represented the finished measurement of the garment when you obtained gauge.  I then thought I was guarenteed success from that point forward.  But sadly, that wasn't so because there is that little talked about thing called ease.  I made a few sweaters, picking the finished measurement that I thought would work for my body, only to realize that I didn't allow enough ease to suit the intended fit of the sweater.  Couple this issue with an extreme propensity to not finish projects in a timely manner and another factor in ill-fit was introduced:  my measurements at the end of the project were not the same as they were when I started.  (Thanks a lot, Mother Nature!!)  I have several sweaters in progress.  I intend to finish them.  I've come to the realization that if they don't fit me, I can give them to my daughters.  They should be able to enjoy them for a while since they are young enough to not have to worry about mid-life weight gain.  I just hope it won't only be for 'Ugly Sweater Day' at school.

All of the pieces of the Go Live Minimalist cardi have been knit. I finished that last sleeve 2 weekends ago. Now I need to do is sit down and sew them together and pray that it fits.  Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project.

I'm making progress on my Through The Loops KAL shawl, although I've fallen behind the pack. The fifth, and final, clue was released this week. I am just finishing up the third clue. The fifth clue has two alternate endings, depending upon the amount of yarn left after clue 4. Here are a few pictures of my progress.

I've also made a little progress on the Pi Shawl.  I am totally in love with this project and want to do nothing but knit this.  Since this was my own initiative and I have the TTL KAL going on, I'm putting this aside until I get the TTL KAL shawl completed and the Minimalist cardi sewn.

It's going to be tough to not spend time with this.