Hidden Beauty

This morning while photographing the first skeins of yarn I spun on my spinning wheel, I noticed the reflection of my Valentine roses in the granite counter top.  Such a nice, unexpected thing.

Here is the yarn.  It is about 250 yards of 2-ply wool.  I haven't checked the wraps per inch yet, but I feels about sport weight.  After a soak it became very soft.  I love how it feels and am getting excited about working with it.  I'll have to browse on Ravelry to find a suitable use for it.  I do have a little more to ply.  I need to wind it into a ball so I can pull from both the outside and the center to get more 2-ply.  

Last weekend I visited my mom.  Waiting for me at her house were bags of yarn from my sister's friend.  This friend rescued the yarn from a house that was set to be demolished.  There is an unbelievable assortment of very nice yarn.  There were a dozen balls of Rowan Super Chunky Tweed in the bags.  The rescuer has asked for an infinity scarf out of this blue wool.  The majority of what I brought back with me is still in my car.  Some of it is moth-eaten.  I want to leave it in there until I'm sure there aren't any more moths lurking in the skeins. 

I made a little progress on my silk scarf.  I'm into the second band of eyelet lace.

I just love how shimmery it is.

True to form, I finished a project and gifted it without taking a final picture.  I gave my niece the pug I made for her.  I need to ask her to snap a photo and send to me.