Ohio Weather

In the past week, the weather here in central Ohio has gone from winter to spring and back to winter. Wednesday the temperatures reached into the 60s (F). I noticed my daffodils were starting to poke above the soil in the front flower bed. I'm sure they are frozen now. Thursday a blast of cold air moved into the area. Today has been grey with steady snow. If the radar is correct, the snow should stop in a couple hours. I'm not sure I believe it though, particularly after the weird sight on Thursday. As I was leaving work, it was snowing quite heavily. I had to brush off my vehicle before I could drive home. As I was walking around my car, I happened to look up. The sky was blue above me. There were wispy clouds off to the side, but none above me. The wind was calm. I was totally baffled as to where the snow was coming from. Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the news that evening so I'm not sure if the local weather crew commented on the phenomenon.

This is the prayer shawl I started a few months ago.  The group meets on the first Saturday of the month.  I brought this with me hoping the other ladies would agree that it is big enough to declare done.  Unfortunately the unofficial leader of the group threw a tape measure at me and said if it doesn't measure 60 inches I need to keep at it.  I'm about 12 inches short.  I guess I'll keep at it.  I'm getting quite bored with it.  Luckily crochet goes fast.  I just hope I have enough yarn to get it to 60 inches.  If I run out of yarn and it isn't long enough, it will just have to do.  My goal is to finish it before next months meeting.

One of the ladies at the gathering this morning brought in a bag of yarn she had around the house.  All of it was old, acrylic yarn.  Most of it reminded of the 1970s, bright orange, yellow and red.   I hadn't intended on taking any but at the last minute took 3 skeins of black.  I figured I could combine it with some varigated yarn I had in my stash.  Above is the beginnings of my second prayer shawl combining the black acrylic with some Lion Brand Wool-Ease.  I honestly don't remember where the Lion Brand yarn came from.  I know I've had it for a long time.  Well, at least it will get put to good use now instead of taking up space in my basement.  As far as the pattern goes, I'm adapting a scarf pattern I saw in a book I borrowed from the library.  With two strands of yarn and size US 11 needles, I suspect this shawl will work up a lot faster than the blue one.