June Already?!

The school year has ended for all of my children.  The two high schoolers finished their exams yesterday.  The girls have jobs but Blake, since he doesn't yet drive, hasn't gotten one.  Ed and I are trying to convince him to apply at the grocery store down the street.  It is only a mile away.  There is a bike path the entire way so he could ride a bicycle there and back.  He is going to spend a week with his cousins.  After the vacation we will push him a little harder to get his first job.

My sister recommended a book, which I got from the library yesterday.  It is called Proof Of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander.  In the book he relates his near death experience and how it changed him from a non-believer into a believer.  In the book he tells how his NDE taught him that the fundamental element of the universe is unconditional love.  What I found most interesting is that his description of this love reminded me of the talk Aron Ralston gave at the conference I attended in April.  Aron Ralston is the person that the movie 127 Hours is based upon.  Before freeing himself, Aron told of an experience he had, describing it using the words 'unconditional love'.  Both men mention also meeting someone during their experience that at the time was unknown to them, but enters their life later.  As someone who already believes in the Divine, I don't need to read/hear these accounts to change my belief.  But it has given me some clarity and comfort when I think about my dad.  Having a glimpse into how beautiful and glorious the world beyond ours is helps me to know that he is at peace.  If you ever have a chance to read the book by Dr. Alexander or hear Aron Ralston speak, take it.  

Speaking of love, I have less than one week to finish the afghan for my trainer and his bride.  Their wedding is next weekend.  I am in the final stretch.  According to the pattern, I have only 7 rows to go.  However, he is 6'3" and she is 5'11".  I think at least one more repeat of the pattern and then the final 7 rows are needed.  I have enough yarn and time for that.  I actually have enough yarn for 2 more pattern repeats.  If I want to give this to them before the wedding, I won't be able to do 2 more repeats.  I'll make a decision Monday.  I'm a master at pushing the limit of deadlines.