Am I Being Watched?

Today is Independence Day.  It looks to be a lazy kind of day.  Ed and I are off work.  We don't have any particular plans.  Since we have no family in town, we'll spend it at home relaxing.  Tonight we'll go watch a fireworks display.

I got up early to go to my trainer's.  He had a special holiday boot camp class.  After I got home, Ed and I ate breakfast and I've been playing on the computer since.  As I was sitting here, I started feeling like I wasn't alone.  A glance out the window showed me that I was being watched.  The grass must be very sweet in that spot.  He's been out there for an hour.  If he keeps eating he'll be too full to move.

I plied the Blue Faced Leicester and gave it a bath with a drop or two of shampoo.  It has turned out as lovely as I had hoped.  I have two hanks.  This small hank is 26 loops around the knitty-knotty.  (I haven't measured the yardage yet.  I know it is at least 26 yards though.  Most likely it is closer to 39 yards.)

This much bigger hank is 259 loops around the knitty-knotty.  Again, I don't know the exact yardage.  I'll use the small hank to figure my gauge.  My plan is to make this into a Buttonbox vest.  

Startitis has hit me again.  My car kidnapped me last Saturday and forced me to go to the LYS.  The shop had had a huge Malabrigo event while we were away on vacation.  I found this hank of Malabrigo Sock.  The colors shift between brown and blue-grey.  When I got home I dug out my sock books and found Thelonious by Cookie A in Knit. Sock. Love.  The instructions were a bit confusing at first.  I had to start over once.  I have the hang of it now though.  Putting Post It notes with row numbers indicated for travel rows in the book next to the charts helps.  

It looks like my buddy has finally had is fill.  Must be time for me to move along also.  Happy 4th of July!!