Another Rainy Saturday

The hot, humid weather ended earlier this week.  It has been very pleasant.  I was able to eat lunch outside at work several days this week.  We have had our windows open at night.  I love hearing the crickets and tree frogs at night and the birds in the morning.

I was hoping for a beautiful Saturday to take a long walk at a park.  No such luck.  Rain moved in over night.  Hopefully it will end by this evening because we have tickets to a baseball game.

I didn't get much knitting done this week.  I started spinning the Frabjous Fibers top that I bought at the Great Lakes Fiber Fair.  It is BFL-silk blend.  It is spinning up like a dream.  I love the colors.  The silk is allowing me to get a very fine single.  I have 8 ounces.  I'm thinking about chain plying so I can keep the color runs intact.  I may change my mind though.  I'm not experienced enough to know how much yardage I need for certain projects.  It is a learning experience.