Sixth Time

Just home after completing my 6th New Albany Walking Classic.  It is a 10K walking event.  Technically it isn't a race.  I don't think they give out prizes for the first finishers, but they do track time and technique.  It is walking only, no running or jogging allowed.  I believe this was the sixth time I participated in this event.  I'm basing this on how many pieces of clothing I have with the logo.  Several years ago, the organizers included a half-marathon.  I did it that year, but decided never again.  I crossed that off my bucket list and decided I'll stick to the 6-mile event from now on.  After that year, the half marathon was cancelled until this year.  I'll admit enough time has passed that I did briefly consider it.  Then I started having pain in my right hip from spinning, so I figured I shouldn't tempt fate.  My friend from work signed up with me and we powered through this morning.  It was a lovely morning with thousands of our new best friends.  After an after-event refueling of bagels, pasta salad and fruit, we jumped in the car and came home.  The kids were just crawling out of bed when I came home.  Trisha asked me if I did my race.  I told her 'Yes' and I have a finishers metal to prove it.