Not 3 Bags Full...Just 1

 Last weekend Blake and I took a little trip.  We first visited my oldest daughter.  I took Blake, Kristin and her roommates out to lunch.  After that brief visit, we continued on the road to visit my mom.  A few of my siblings and nieces and nephews come by and we had a nice dinner together.  While there I picked up a bag of wool from another sister.  I can't wait to spin this.

Speaking of homespun, I started swatching the BFL that I spun a few months ago.  I am so happy with how it is working up.  It is just as soft and yummy as the roving was. I want to make the Buttonbox vest out of it.  My gauge is a bit bigger than what the pattern calls for, so I will try to convert it.

I have time for a new project now that Kristin's throw is finished.  I have to weave in the ends.  That won't take long.  I'll do that later today while I'm waiting for a cake to bake.  This will be delivered to her later tonight along with her birthday cake.

A blanket for Trisha has been started.  Trisha is a senior this year.  Since she'll be heading off to college next year, I want to give her a throw to use in her dorm.  This is the start of the first square.  It will end up something like this.