Maui Part 3

There are a few more pictures of Maui I would like to share.  Then I'll get back to knitting.

One of the sites I wanted to find was the heart in the rocks by the Nakelele blowhole.  Erosion has cut a hole in the rock in the shape of a heart.  I had the impression that it was large, but it is actually only about 12 inches high.

On the day we visited the blowhole was squirting water but not extremely high.  It was still very dangerous to get close.  There are signs warning about the deaths that have occurred by getting sucked down the hole.

When we were watching the sunset from the top of Haleakala, my daughter took a picture as if she were holding the sun.  I really like the photo.

On the west side of Maui is an area called Dragon's Teeth.  Millions of years ago a volcanic eruption occurred during a fierce storm.  As the lava flowed down to the see, the waves pushed it upward.  As the lava cooled and hardened, a row of teeth-like rocks were formed along the edge of the water. It is really amazing to see how the forces of nature interplay.

 We spent an afternoon in Paia, an artsy town on the Road to Hana.  A parking lot had a fence made out of old surf boards.

I really miss being in Maui.  I wish I had a machine that could instantly transport me back there.  This was the view from the balcony of the condo.  I hope to witness this view again someday.  This is my 'Happy Place'.

I took a couple knitting projects along on the trip.  I really didn't get as much done as I had hoped.  I worked a little on the airplane ride out.  We were so busy in Maui there wasn't much time to knit.  Most of my down time was spent enjoying the view, drinking wine and napping.

I am working on my Pink Selway.  After making the Linen Top, I decided that summer sweaters are quick wins.  This one is not quite as quick since it has a lace pattern.  It won't get done this summer because of other projects.

This is the main reason Pink Selway isn't going to be worn this summer.  This is a blanket for Trisha to take to college.  It is based on Kay Gardiner's A Light in the Window.  Once I got the hang of the pattern, I decided to go my own way.  I'm also only making it as a 4x4 square.  Trisha is petite and is very anxious to have this with her at college. 

My other distraction from Pink Selway is this scarf, Nymphalidea.  I saw some finished projects on Ravelry and fell in love.  I dove into my stash and pulled out two balls that go very nicely together.  This is my take-along project.  I'll do a little at lunch during the week to relieve some work stress.