Slowly, Slowly

This morning I made blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.  We bought a huge container of blueberries last week and have been eating them with everything.  This is my Go To recipe for berries.  They are fantastic.  This time I made some with blueberries and others with chocolate chips.  I put the pieces in after I spoon the batter into the muffin papers.  That way I know each muffin has an equal distribution of add-ins.  I know this sounds a bit OCD, but I like to get a taste in each bite.

I love these muffins with my tea and Sunday paper.

On the knitting front, I'm slowly making progress on Trisha' blanket.  I've sworn to not work on anything else until this is done. After the current block is completed, I will be halfway there.  I'm estimating each block takes 4 hours. If I don't get this finished by mid-September, I'll get some long stretches of time to work on it while taking a car ride to Virginia.