Quick Update

The big project on the needles is the shawl for my niece.

I am starting the main section.  I have schedule laid out that will have this completed in January.  I am already behind schedule but not terribly.  As a project manager, I have built contingency into my plan.  I am not worried.  Yet.

My diversion project is the crocheted shawl. It is coming along nicely.  

I have the stitch pattern memorized now.  It is a good one to take along places where I don't have to concentrate.

As an added diversion, I'm making my daughters boot toppers.  There are very quick.

I saw on Pinterest where someone made them two-colored.  I have a lot of wool left from Trisha's blanket.  These will use up some.

The last project currently active on the needles is going to get frogged.  The pattern is called Relax.

I love the color and they yarn, but the gauge is too small for me to deal with right now.  I have a knitting machine.  Since this is miles of stockinette, this is going to be done on the machine.  I just need to clean off my craft table to make a spot to put the machine up.

Gotta go now.  My weekends are busy for the next few months.  My mom is battling cancer.  I'll be traveling to spend the weekends with her. If you are the praying type, send some her way.