Off Schedule

I'm not keeping up with the schedule I planned for this.  Funny thing how life gets in the way.

I am in the center section.  The pattern calls for eight repeats with an option for a ninth.  There are 36 rows per repeat.  It is moving along quickly because the center section pattern is easy to execute.  There are only two sequences to follow.  The borders are where I have to pay attention to which row I'm on.  My biggest issue was the yarn slipping off the needles and having difficulty inserting the needle for the K3TOG.  I resolved this issue by switching to bamboo needles instead of metal.  The bamboo grips the yarn enough to make the K3TOG a piece of cake.

As far as getting back on schedule, I hope to make a lot of headway this weekend and next.  I don't have any obligations that will get in the way.  And since the weather is quite nasty this weekend, I'll be content to sit in front of the television, watch football and knit.