Christmas Knitting

Christmas has a different feel this year.  My mom's medical situation has forced me to focus on the essentials. The decorations are slowing getting up.  I've noticed that I want things to be soft and cozy. I like sitting in the evening with only a few lights on and candles lit.

Because of my evening light choice, knitting is a little hard.  There is the fatigue factor also.  I can only get a little in each night before I start getting too sleepy.  My Christmas projects are perfect for my current situation.

I'm making cup sleeves.  I love this pattern.  I have to go to the fabric store and buy small buttons for the eyes.  Each sleeve has three owls.  It is a quick project.  I can make one an evening.  I absolutely love the owl motif.  I can see using this on scarves, headbands, mittens or boot toppers.

Speaking of boot toppers, my girls are getting two-color boot toppers.  I saw this on Ravelry and thought it was a fantastic idea. So that they can tell theirs apart, I did one pair by casting on with the brown and the other pair starting with the beige.  I'm not completely happy with the bind-offs.  I wish I could find a bind-off that is stretchy and looks more like a cast-on edge.  I guess I shouldn't fret about it though. While they are being worn, the flared bind-off edge will be stretched out.

My son is getting a hat.  Actually he knows already because he has seen me knitting it.  I told him to act surprised when he opens it on Christmas morning.  Shoot!  I didn't think of it until now.  I should have put an owl on this beanie.  Oh well!  I might just have to make another one for him.

All of these projects are stash-busters.  The yarn is left over from the afghans I made for the girls.

Now off to get my grocery list made.  Tomorrow will be cookie baking.