Time To Give Thanks

Life has been a bit chaotic lately.  My mom's radiation and chemo treatments are occupying everyone's time. The treatments started in mid-October. Thankfully the end is in sight. My siblings who live near her have been taking her to her daily appointments.  I've been going down on weekends to give them a break.  Weekends don't usually involve treatments.  Two other siblings who live out of state have come in and helped also.  We've all helped where we can.  Having brothers and sisters like them is the greatest blessing.  I'm going to quote something one of my sisters posted on Facebook.  She said perfectly:

"We rallied together to help Dad and now we are united with Mom as she fights her current health crisis. While telling a friend about this, she replies that we are special and it shows that our parents raised us right. While I'm saddened to know that there are families that don't get along, I am grateful for every member of mine who puts aside their own interests to pitch in. I am grateful for having been raised by parents who not only taught but lived a life of selflessness with the expectations that their children do the same."

This picture is from Christmas 2009.  It was the last time we were all together.  The next Christmas (2010) one of my sisters wasn't able to make it and then Dad passed away in October 2011.  There are various versions of this picture floating around.  As you can see, we are looking around at different cameras.  It was like the paparazzi was there.

In between the chaos, I'm getting a little knitting in.  Here's the latest.

I've made decent progress on the shawl for my niece.  I have 3 of the 8 center repeats complete. I'm going to have to revise the schedule though.  This project has been tossed aside for others.

Like these, two color boot toppers.  I'm making a set for each of my girls as Christmas gifts.  These are quick and easy. And a great way to use up scraps in the stash.

Another distraction project is this.  This is a mug cozy.  Another great stash busting project.  I was able to knit this last night in front of the television in less than an hour.  I think they are adorable.  I plan to get tiny buttons for eyes and stitch a little beak. Too cute!

The take along project is making slow progress.  There isn't a deadline for it.  Once Christmas is passed, I'll get it done.

Now I'm off to prepare our Thanksgiving meal.  My in-laws are coming tomorrow.  It will be a small gathering.  Ed wanted lots of leftovers so I'm cooking quite the feast.  I don't mind though.  At least the family will have food to eat while I disappear again on the weekend to Cincinnati.