Unscheduled Lazy Day

Now that the shawl is complete and delivered, the next few knitting projects are for me, maybe.  I started a pair of socks.   I'm using this pattern from Knitty.  The pattern is interesting without being complicated.  It is allowing me to practice a travelling stitch technique I learned a few years ago.  I'm crossing the stitches without using a cable needle.  It makes the knitting much faster.  It is my intention that these are for me, but if they end up being snug, and I'm beginning to think they will, I'll give them to one of my daughters.  Their feet are smaller than mine.  If that happens, I'll make myself a pair, but use a larger needle.

Speaking of needles, I am using a set of Karbonz double-pointed needles for this project.  I love them!!!  I bought them last fall at Fiber Optics in Milford, Ohio.  The brick and mortar shop opened last fall.  It is a really lovely store with all kinds of fabulous yarns and fibers.  Recognizing that there are many spinners out there, the shop has a wide selection of dyed and undyed fiber.  The center of the shop features clear drawers of different fibers to buy by the ounce.  Some of the fibers are so dreamy I wish I could shrink myself and jump inside of the drawer.

Today was supposed to be a travel day for me.  I was scheduled to visit my mom again, but something came up at home which changed my plans.  So now I have an entire day at home with no particular plans. It is cold and rainy outside.  I guess I'll just have to suffer through a day of sitting inside, knitting, spinning and watching movies.  [How dreadful!! ( ;-p)]  I guess I better be off to start my lazy day.  Yippee!!