The Merry Month of May

My baby went to prom.  Doesn't he look handsome.

That smile is priceless.  He tried finding a date but was turned down by one girl and then found out another girl he was going to ask was going already.  Since he is only a junior, he decided he'd wait until senior year.  Three days before prom, a girl from one of his classes asked if he was going.  She said she was going by herself and wondered if he wanted to be her date.  We scrambled to get his tux.  Actually it is just suit with a tuxedo shirt, bow tie and pocket square.  I think we pulled it off nicely.

He's growing into a nice young man.  He asked me the other week if we could put in a garden.  Yesterday after a trip to the garden store, we got to work.  The soil was turned.  (I really wish I had a rototiller when I do that!)  We worked several bags of compost into the soil then got to work planting tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, summer squash, sugar snap peas and strawberries.  Now as long as we can keep the rabbits away, we should have a good crop of vegetables later this summer.

Saturday I went with a friend to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival.  The vendor area was bigger than ever.  It was hard restraining myself but I managed fairly well.  I tried to only get things I wouldn't find easily elsewhere.  I bought 3 patterns, alpaca yarn to make one of them, handmade soaps, hemp roving and yak roving.  

Making progress on the socks.  One is finished and the other one is started.  These will probably be gifted to Trisha because the leg is too narrow for me.

I'm also working on a scarf.  This is for a "pay forward" project on Facebook.  I owe three people gifts sometime this year.  This will be one of them.